About Us

Geometric Automation & Engineering Services is a company founded in 2015 by technocrafts with rich experience in the field of automation.We team GAES’ is committed for providing efficient, cost effective, safer, industrial automation systems and special purpose machines to various industries present globally.We provide factory automation solutions to boost productivity, quality improvement and reduce energy consumptions.Our areas of expertise include Motorcycle and Automotive battery manufacturing Machines, Welding Automation, Assembly automation, Material Handling & Conveyors, Jigs and fixtures, sensors/product function and endurance testing setups, SPM for Drilling and Tapping, as well as, many various products production lines and Processes.Almost a considerable 20 years of experience in machine & product design, manufacturing and service support, enabling us to provide best solutions with minimum input cost and maximum output with best quality.


  • Unique
  • Novel
  • Innovative
  • Quality engineering Solutions.


Use the creativity of the young engineers and tap knowledge and experience of the engineering veterans to create and provide cost effective solutions.


We are equipped with a tool room to carry out basic operations; other specific operations are carried out through our reliable vendors.

We have a design team who understand basic requirement of process to convert concepts into reality. They are equipped with CAD/Solid Modeling facilities.

Our Control department looks after control panel design, wiring and handling of all electrical /electronic equipments. We have in house programmers for PLC, Servo and Stepper motion control design.

We have a team for quality control to ensure the quality of input parts and the final product.